Makeda Duyile (Size 8) SOLD $125 Maureen Locke


6 responses to “Makeda Duyile (Size 8) SOLD $125 Maureen Locke

  1. What a job on these runners the eyes follow you as you turn the shoe. Really cool art and the artist has a real eye for talent.

  2. What work was done to these runners. I would buy these. When I look at them all I can say .Is I would call them,
    Heres Looking At You
    GREAT JOB !!!!!!!!!

  3. Kerry Fengler

    Talent is Talent!

    The lines and details are amazing. The runners make you feel like it comes to life.

    An Artist is an Artist.

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  5. Maureen Locke

    Love the fangs and the eyes are mesmerizing – great colour choice. Can’t wait to see the maiden. Way to go – you’ll get my bid.

  6. The eyes bring these runners to life, very cool.

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