Bill Acheson

Phil Annand is a New Jersey based designer, brand owner (The Award Tour), student and online presence. Check him out / /

Jordan Bennett is a Newfoundland based Mi’kmaq multi-disciplinary artist. His art deals with a combination of popular culture, mixed with traditional Mi’kmaq and contemporary means of life to portray how each plays a part of his every day. When choosing materials, he uses an array of mediums such as sound, traditional beadwork, skateboards, moose antler, animal hide and various other natural and manufactured objects, anything that will give voice directly to the subject matter to portray the intended message. Through his work he plays with pushing boundaries and with the idea of traditional Aboriginal craft and ceremony, along with the idea of the artifact in our contemporary society. By creating objects and imagery that do this, he attempts to provoke the viewer to question and interpret the authenticity of these “Indian Artworks/artifacts” and what is to be “Indian” in contemporary North American society.

Michael Brito is a Winnipeg based designer and tattoo artist. Michael graduated from the Design program at Red River collegiate in 2006. He recently entered the world of tattooing and is holding it down at Phase II Tattoo on Henderson Highway. Check him out

Chris Clarke is a Winnipeg designer and illustrator and current President and Creative Director at Space Cadet Design Studio. Sine 2005 he has been an acting member of the Juno Selection Committee for best album cover artwork in Canada. Check him out

Jon Contino is a New York based designer and brand owner (CXXVI). He co-founded boutique design studio Onetwentysix with fellow participant Matt Gorton. Jon specializes in custom hand illustrated typography. Check him out /

Jai Cruz is from the Soundview section of the Bronx in New York. He received early artistic training as a painter at the Art & Design High School. He later went on to study at the Fashion Institute of Technology. His most sought after works have been his custom fitted caps. Check him out

Sean Cushnie has been tattooing at Phase II on Henderson Highway for 2 years, and has been developing himself as an artist since he could pick up a pencil. Sean’s background is in illustration/graphic design and he is constantly seeking new inspiration to continuously improve his art and his tattoos, for himself and his clients. Check out his work at

Diverstile is one of the few participants that have made a career off of custom footwear. They can take your  ideas and mold them into wearable works of art. No idea is too big or too small, they are exactly what their name depicts them as, DIVERSE. Check them out

Blaine Fontana is a Portland, Oregon based painter whose work has appeared in across the globe including  Lineage Gallery, Limited Addiction Gallery, Scribble Theory, Upper Playground, Don O’Melveny Gallery, Pr1mary Space, The Lab 101, Distinction Gallery, Keep A Breast, Pacific Sunwear, Ocean Pacific, Sessions, SCION Installation Art Tour, KID ROBOT, NIKE, Ubiquity Recordings, LRG, Volcom, Metro.Pop, Liquid Force, FLIP, FELT racing & Morey Boards. His work has also appeared in the pages of art magazines CMYK and Juxtapoz. Check out his work at

Matt Gorton is a New York designer and brand owner (CXXVI). He co-founded boutique design studio Onetwentysix with fellow participant Jon Contino. Check him out /

Jeanette Johns is an artist living and working in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  She completed her BFA (honours) majoring in printmaking in 2008 at the University of Manitoba.  Johns works primarily in silkscreen and etching, often with the addition of a variety of other techniques such as paper marbling, gold leaf and digital printing.  She explores the relationship between observation and aesthetic experience by constructing and layering imagery of maps, diagrams and graphs.  She often deals with geometric patterns attempting to translate the beauty of order into her work.  Jeanette currently works at the Manitoba Printmakers’ Association as a studio manager and instructor. Check her out

Ashley Martin is formally trained through the Fine Arts program at the University of Manitoba. Ashley is currently apprenticing and tattooing  out of Metamorphosis in the Exchange District.

Lexis Nizio resides in Winnipeg Manitoba. Lexis is an adventurous artist who will push any media she can. Her talents aren’t limited to canvas – Lexis possesses a passion for fashion and is pursuing a future in fashion marketing that is destined for success.

Mark Remoquillo is a Winnipeg based designer and art director at Urban Ink. His highly sought after illustrations have graced the cover of Mood Ruff’s Antarctica EP (2002) and Shadez’sThee Impossible (2003) as well as Grand Analog’s Calligraffiti (2007). Check him out

Makeda Duyile or better know to here peers as Mimi, is a University of Manitoba Fine Art graduate and one of Winnipeg’s brightest up and comers. The illustrative artist loves implementing in depth detail at every opportunity. A majority of her work is tonal but she is not afraid to bring in color to elevate very work. The concept for the shoes designed entitled “The Beast & The Maiden”, “came to mind instantly by the natural composition of the shoes. I see creatures in many things I look at, and the shoe was no different, only in this case I could make the Beast come out. The Maiden also found flow in the linear design of the shoes contours. Surrounded by soft natural elements, the Maiden and the Beast make sharp contrasts towards one another, yet cannot be complete without the other; linking the two not only by the name, but by the soft tones and fluidity in their design”.

Stephen McConnell is a Winnipeg based Tattoo artist working out of Metamorphosis in the Exchange District.

Sable Ptashnick is a Winnipeg based designer and recent University of Manitoba graduate.

Revive Customs is a New York City based artist and custom sneaker genius who has produced such sought after classics including the “What The One?”, “Channel Zero” and the “Canal Street” Check him out /

Rob Rurak is a designer based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. As as graduate of the Advanced Graphic Design program at Red River College, Rob currently practices his craft at Tetro Design.

James Vandal is a Winnipeg based artists and influential member in the Winnipeg skate community…

Mark Dean Veca is a Brooklyn based artists who has exhibited his work throughout the United States, Europe and Japan at institutions such as The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, PS1 Contemporary Art Center, The Brooklyn Museum of Art, The Bronx Museum of Art and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. His work has been reviewed in numerous publications including The New York Times, Artforum, Art in America, Art Review, Juxtapoz, and Flash Art.

Chris Watchorn is a University of Manitoba Graphic Design graduate and organizer of The 1 of 1 Project. He currently is a designer at Winnipeg based action sport outwear company FXR Racing. You can check out some of his work at

Mary Watchorn is a Winnipeg based mom…this is what happens when your mother finds out you got a pair of shoes back unfinished – She asks to do the pair and then does them up better then your pair turned out. A very talented artists working in just about any medium she can get your hands on.

We Are The Process Clothing is a creative outlet project started by Larry Luk and Georgios Saliaris. The two are the masterminds behind Epidemik Coalition, an Atlanta based creative agency aiming to help global brands speak to audiences who have been taught to question everything. They take pride in the creative process and document everything. Passionate about helping upstart organizations find their identities though conceptual problem solving with graphic solutions. Check them out /


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